The Pure Story

At Pure Electric, we are leading specialist for big energy rides, we fully charge every commute with our range of electric scooters.

Made to manoeuvre the city, or tackle tougher terrain, we cut through the chaos with sustainable, e-bikes and e-scooters that don’t cost the earth, or hurt the wallet, for a faster, cleaner journey every time.

The Pure Way

Founded by entrepreneur Adam Norris, and his passion for game-changing alternative technology, Pure’s goal is to make rides that make a difference to people’s lives. Creating clever solutions to real travel problems, that empower everyone to take control of their commute, swerve gridlock, get there faster, or simply enjoy a moment to themselves on the morning ride.

By reducing our reliance on cars and public transport, we can all do our bit for the environment, lowering air pollution and minimising congestion, creating a cleaner, better planet for all, and keeping us fit while we do it.

Win, win, right?

“I set up this company to help humankind. Pure’s goal is to help bring about a personal transport revolution and have a positive impact on our planet, benefitting society now and for generations to come.”

Adam Norris – Founder of Pure Electric

The Pure Promise

We work directly with like-minded brands and manufacturers, painstakingly picking every partner and component to ensure that we deliver the best products at the very best price, so that everyone can discover the joy of e-riding.

Developing our Pure range, we work to find gaps in the market, pinpointing the products that riders really need. All of our Pure e-scooters are waterproof to keep you cruising on rainy days, and have large, 10' wheels to cover city streets in comfort.

Pure's Safety Standards

Rider safety is everything, so if a product doesn’t pass our safety assessment, we simply won’t sell it. Yep, we only stock e-rides that have been fully tested and approved by our expert technical team.