It's time to change.
The future is electric.

“I created Pure Electric to make a massive positive impact on this planet. I believe e-scooters are crucial in the fight against the climate crisis and can dramatically improve the lives of people living in cities across the world.”



Our health, environment and output are suffering under an outdated transport system.

The system is directly responsible for:

Dangerous air pollution

Associated with hundreds of thousands of illnesses and premature deaths.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Transport accounts for around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Wasted time

Every year, people spend billions of hours stuck in traffic.

Unfeasible costs

The cost of living crisis has made traditional transport solutions unaffordable for millions of people.

The future has two wheels.

We started Pure Electric to tackle transport issues, head on. Our ambition is to improve city travel for people across the globe.

Personal electric transport is undergoing many exciting developments. But, designed well, e-scooters could make the biggest impact on the most people.

Benefits of e-scooters:
  • Affordable
  • Emission-free
  • Low-maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Highly-portable
  • Cuts through congestion
  • Easy to ride
  • Easy to store

Redefining how an e-scooter should be.

Put bluntly, the majority of e-scooters available today just aren’t good enough, which ultimately limits the positive impact they’re making on our communities and the urban environments in which we live.

To make a truly positive change, we must lead the category to new heights. We need solutions built on bold innovation that deliver tangible enhancements to rider safety and deliver a more enjoyable, comfortable rider experience.

To do this, we've built a team of world-class engineers from some of the most forward-thinking companies on the planet.

Based in our Bristol offices, they're designing the next generation of e-scooters.

Ones that prioritise ever higher standards of safety, performance and ride quality.

Crucially, they empower people to leave behind the harmful urban transport fuelling the climate crisis.

We're making an impact, but we need to do more.

Over the last three years, our team's hard work has paid off. Hundreds of thousands of people are now riding award-winning Pure e-scooters.

It's a great start. We're proud of the impact our riders have had on our urban environments so far.

But we all need to keep pushing. Breaking boundaries. Embracing our responsibility to pioneer the best e-scooters for urban living.

We need our riders to keep spreading the word, inspiring others to embrace this progressive transport alternative.