Avoid punctures for good: We uncover the ugly truth about your tyres

As anyone who’s had a puncture will tell you, punctures suck. Once you’ve dealt with that whole ordeal, if you’re even a little bit clever (which, of course, you are), you’ll be looking for a way to avoid it happening ever again. 
That’s why a lot of people are swapping their tyres out for solid rubber ones, which are pretty much puncture proof. Makes total sense, right? Wrong!  
The thing is, solid tyres are much more...well, solid, which means your scooter ends up vibrating a lot more. This increased vibration - that your good old air-filled tyres are designed to absorb - not only makes the ride less comfortable, but can cause your scooter a lot of damage, making it dangerous to ride. 

But don’t worry, there is a better way. Puncture Prevention Fluid is an easy-on-the-wallet, fibrous fluid you insert into your air-filled tyres, so if some spiky little nuisance pierces one of them, it reacts with the air outside the tyre and plugs up the hole from the inside.

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If you own a Pure Electric scooter and have fitted solid rubber tyres, you should know that your warranty will be void. So, we STRONGLY ADVISE that you: 

  • Change them back to air-filled tyres.
  • Fill them with Puncture Prevention Fluid.