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The Pure App will take your ride to the next level. Compatible with all current Pure scooters, the app also offers safe setup tips and support, an extended ride dashboard and ride stats, and more.

Step By Step

1. Set up in box

Keep the e-scooter within the opened box during set up. This will keep it firmly in place for the next steps.

2. Raise the stem

Remove any remaining protective packaging from the e-scooter, then unfold it to its upright position, making sure the latch is down.

*We strongly recommend you keep the box for the length of your warranty, in case you need to return the e-scooter

3. Secure the latch

Lift the latch mechanism until it clips securely into the stem. Warning! Do not ride the scooter if the latch is loose.

4. Lift the handlebar

Lift the handlebar onto the stem ensuring the internal wires are not trapped and the external brake cable is not twisted.

5. Fix the handlebar

Rotate the handlebar to align the holes in the stem with the handlebar. Locate the stem bolts (within the sealed package), and insert them loosely into the stem bolt recesses.

6. Tighten the bolts

Use the correctly-fitting Allen key supplied to tighten the bolts. Don’t tighten each screw all the way in one go.

7. Fully charge

Charge your e-scooter until the charger status light changes from red to green.

8. Check your tyre pressure

Use the tyre valve extender and pump included in the box to inflate your tyres to the required pressure of 36psi.

IMPORTANT: Always use the tyre valve extender provided every time you attach the pump to your tyres, or you risk breaking the valve.

Quick Tips To Get Going

1. The Controls

Use your right thumb to operate the throttle and your left hand for the brake and indicators.

2. Select Mode

Switch on and double press the multifunction button to select your riding mode.

3. Push To Start

Simply push off the ground, then press the throttle to activate the motor.

Safety Information

Riding instructions
Riding Safely

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